July 13, 2023

Cocktails & Comedy

Enjoy an evening of belly laughs and punchy cocktails at the Leederville comedy club

Traditional Napoletana pizza


Join the funny bunch from Grassroots Comedy on Thursday evening upstairs The Red Room, for The Leederville Comedy Club. Leedy's new comedy hub, and date-night hotspot features some of the best comedians from around Australia and touring international acts.

You never know who might show up… Stephen K. Amos and Mark Normand are among the recent touring internationals who have dropped in for a set in the first few weeks.


Enjoy a fun, periodical release of signature comedy cocktails, such as the Steve Martini, Margarita Cho, Gin Jefferies and Shandy Samberg. Check out the punny menu, above…


Comedy patrons enjoy 10% off their bill at Servo, The Garden, & The Leederville Hotel before the show, just flash your ticket. If you’re feeling snacky, hot buttered popcorn is available in The Red Room during the show.