Sun 21/7
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Pollo a La Brasa Day

Lima Cantina

Join Lima cantina as they fire up the grill for a one-day-only special of one of Peru's most iconic and emblematic dishes: Charcoal Chicken, or 'Pollo a La Brasa'.

Originally a luxury and now a beloved street food, Pollo a la Brasa tells a story about Peru's unique history and identity - in 2004, it was declared a ‘cultural heritage’ of the country, then in 2010, the third Sunday of July was declared to be Pollo a la Brasa Day!

Come down, grab a couple rounds of pisco and toast to the time-honoured union of Chicken and Chips, Peruvian Style!

Set Menu

Pollo Al La Brasa

Papas Fritas

Ensalada De La Mama

Chica Morada – Peruvian Purple Corn Mocktail

*Set Menu available until sold out

At Lima Cantina, specific indoor tables can be booked for patrons attending in a wheelchair. To secure these tables it is recommended to book in advance and advise the staff, so they allocate the correct table to the booking. The front door and the venue bathroom doors are 80cm wide.

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Set Menu available until sold out