Wed 31/07

Umami: Truffles ft. Battles


UMAMI returns, just in time for truffle season! Following on from our sold out second edition highlighting the humble tomato, for volume III we've set our sights on the most decadent ingredient of all - the famed truffle.

Truffles, the prized fungi of the culinary world, are famed for their intense, savory taste. This unique depth comes from a quality known as umami, the fifth taste alongside sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.

Truffles boast high levels of glutamate, a natural compound that triggers the umami receptors on your tongue. This translates to an explosion of savory richness that complements other flavors and elevates simple dishes to gourmet heights. Imagine earthy, almost nutty undertones mingling with a deep, musky aroma. That's the magic of umami in truffles.

What's more each course will be lovingly paired with wines by Battles - a young duo producing thought provoking wines from vineyards across the south-west. This is merely their second vintage under their own label and thus far have quickly developed a strong following for their characterful wines that show poise and complexity, working with left of center, as well as more classic varietals - always creating wines which reflect the great vineyards and regions in which they are grown.

Whether you're a truffle aficionado or just an adventurous gourmand, we invite you to join us for this unmissable exploration of the deep, dark, umami intensity of truffles.



Drunken kingfish

Tobiko, truffle ponzu, chilli crunch

Zucchini flowers

Truffled cheese, honey yuzu kosho

Battles ‘Blendaberg’ White Blend 2023 - Frankland River

Truffle and duck raviolo

Fried enoki, kaffir lime

Battles Chardonnay 2023, Margaret River

Truffle salt-crusted Striploin

40 day dry aged Stirling Ranges Beef

Battles Tempranillo 2023, Margaret River

Beetroot, endive, truffle gorgonzola cream, blood orange

Black sesame and truffle parfait

Miso butterscotch, chocolate soil

Battles  ‘Granitas’ Shiraz 2023, Perth Hills

Battles Shiraz 2023, Geographe/Perth Hills

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